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an image of a bag of lay's potato chips with crab legs on it
six bottles of various types of liquid on a pink background with the words gokuri peach written in japanese
an assortment of different types of ice cream
a drawing of a store with a stuffed animal on the top of it's roof
two stickers that are on the back of some kind of candy bar, one is pink
a box with strawberries on it and the words miki written in japanese language
a pink box with some sticks sticking out of it's side and japanese writing on the front
a pink jar with peaches on it and stars in the sky behind it that says,
an image of hello kitty in a box
a drawing of a cat looking at an ice cream sundae in a window with the words rainbow chip on it
two stickers that have animals on top of each other, one is green and the other is pink
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an oreo bar sticker on a white background