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The Rest of their Lives - Part 2
Crowley likes to spoil his angel, and Aziraphale indulges it every chance he gets. [original post on Tumblr; credit: gemennair]
The Rest of Our Lives - Part 3
an image of different types of planes flying in the sky with their reflection on them
a man holding a sign that says, will you be mine i don't even like you?
•Ineffable Husbands Fanarts• [GOOD OMENS]
Como lo dice el título serán Fanarts que encuentro en Internet y públ… #romance # Romance # amreading # books # wattpad
an image of a drawing with the words nok in it
four different portraits of people in formal clothing and hats, one is older than the other
a drawing of a woman in a dress with her legs spread out, and the caption
Sigrid Kaffen
a man sitting in a chair with headphones on and holding a sign that says queen greatest hits
two people sitting in front of a book shelf
The sofa
Auta i lómë!
Auta i lómë!
The Rest of Our Lives - Christmas Extra
an angel with white hair and black shirt next to another drawing of the same person
crowley x aziraphale
two different comics with one man pointing at something and the other saying it's okay to
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