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an image of two people with different hair colors
two people with long hair, one is wearing a necklace and the other has an image of
there's no glory in claiming the success of other people
Kissing The Dust Cos Leona Series
#CLS #costaleona #kissingthedust #jonaxx #hidalgo #AdlerHidalgo #VincentHidalgo #Jboys #Jgirls
an anime scene with the quote luck it is very powerful word
Sands Of Time (CLS)
#jonaxx #raoulriego # soleil #costaleona
a person holding a surfboard in front of a sunset with the words, we don't always get what we want in this life so bits of it is fine with me
Wattpad lines/jonaxx stories/jonaxx lines
ctto: Raizah Mendoza // @raimingfrost #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Fan Art, Illustration Art Girl, Costa Leona Series Characters, Girly Art, Costa Leona Series Wallpaper, Costa Leona Series, Elijah Montefalco, Project Loki, Book Girl
All About Jonaxx
ctto: Raizah Mendoza // @raimingfrost #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad
two young men with short hair and beards
two people are kissing each other with the words moonlight and twilight on their foreheads
ISLAND OF FIRE (Costa Leona #3) | Art / Illustration by Raizah Mendoza
a man and woman hugging each other with the words potita legan above them
Portia & Logan | Give In To You | Art / Illustration by Raizah Mendoza (Visit Raizah Mendoza's Facebook Account for more)
an illustration of a goat with flowers in its mouth and a cat looking at it
a girl with long brown hair and butterfly in her hair
All About Jonaxx - Klare Desteen Ty
a woman with long red hair and brown eyes is featured on the cover of running frost illustrations
an artistic drawing of a woman in black and white with the words mania emila on it