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many people are standing together in front of a white background and one is holding his hand up
Yes that was a banana. No one expects the banana.
NaruHina The Last
two anime characters with different hair styles, one wearing a black jacket and the other in red
魚 - Konan from NARUTO
a drawing of a woman with blue hair and purple hair holding a green tie in her hands
Konan art
two people standing next to each other in front of a wall
Tu ne comprend pas le sens de "amie" ? Au pire tu sais quoi, je vais être plus claire. Dégage de ma vie. Tu ne m'as causé que des ennuis. ♡♤
a drawing of a man standing next to a dragon with glowing red eyes and horns
Susano , Itachi
an image of some cartoon characters on the cover of a comic book with one being held up by another character
naruto artbook
naruto artbook - Album on Imgur
a black and white drawing of a woman with a cat on her shoulder, standing in front of a castle
Konan, the Angel of Amegakure by minhquach94 on DeviantArt
an image of some anime characters on a horse
Team 7 - NARUTO - Mobile Wallpaper by FOOLTOWN #1803521 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
Team 7
an image of some people standing in the middle of a cave with a cloud above them
Akatsuki was the highlight of the Naruto series. Don't deny it.
some anime characters with different expressions on the same face and body, all in black and white
Akatsuki...where's Kisame and Tobi?
many people are standing in front of each other with different hair colors and hairstyles
Quem entendeu o padrão levanta a mão \0/