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a woman's face with the words just a moment, ma'am i need to
Funny Nurses Week Memes & Ecards | Someecards
Just a moment, Ma'am... I need to put my Nurse Face on before I deal with this clusterfuck.
a woman jumping up in the air next to a man holding a clipboard that says, i'm going to be a compassionate and caring nurse whos
100 Nursing Memes That Will Definitely Make You Laugh
Nursing: when you're not sure whether it's Saturday or Tuesday.
someone holding their hands to their face with the words when report includes the words trainwreck hot - mess good luck
Those are actually the patients I LOVE!
When you get report and there are a dozen things that should have been done already Nursing School Problems, Job Memes, Daily Humor
When you get report and there are a dozen things that should have been done already
a woman talking on a telephone with a caption in front of her that reads, so this patient has a trach, one lung, psych issues with combative behavior
Of course we will take em'
a nurse holding a syring in her right hand and pointing to it with the caption, this is going to make you feel a little different
Psychiatric Nurses know the good stuff. . .
a man with a funny expression on his face and the caption reads, you will go to sleep or i will put you to sleep
Should be Nurse Anesthetist week poster. Or ICU patient that needs to achieve vent-sync.
a woman in white scrubbing her hair with an electric toothbrush and looking at the camera
It's great! Lol bringing out the rachet #psychnurse #oneflewoverthecoocoosnest
two people hugging each other with the caption when you see the day staff after a night shift
Every night for me. Being short staffed is abusive and wrong.
a blue background with the words, nothing beats taking care of a psychic patient you never know what's inside their head and you're forced to think before you speak
Confessions of a Nurse
Confessions of a Nurse......not what would have said....but ok.