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three different lines that have been drawn on each side of the screen, and one line is
People, Humanity Restored, Parents, Humour, Geeks, Wisdom, Acceptance, Faith In Humanity Restored
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several different types of cartoon characters are depicted in this graphic art work, each with their own character's face and body
an image of two cartoon characters one is talking to the other
an image of some different lines in the same drawing style, with one line drawn on it
a comic strip with some writing on it and an image of a person sitting in front of
im not crying its just been raining on my face
a comic strip with an image of a man in bed talking on his cell phone
an image of cartoon characters in different stages of being cute and funny, with the caption
an animated comic strip with the caption that reads, i'm going to get some
three different views of the same building and its reflection in it's glass windows
cartoon characters sitting at a table together
Pérolas fofinhas
some black and white ink drawings on paper