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a drawing of a mushroom with an eye on it
Shima’s0 – creation of the world, believing in spirituality
two people standing next to each other in front of a red sky with the sun shining
sun shining through
WePresent | Ori Toor’s grainy animations take you on a trip
WePresent | I need to ignore things that exist and just do my own stuff
Catalina Vásquez
an image of a man diving in the water with papers floating around him and reading
Can't breathe. Only float. | image: Applesewer
a comic strip with an image of a bird sitting on a tree branch, and another panel
Turn de Cassette
a drawing of a woman with long hair and red lines on her body, running through the air
Juxtapoz Magazine - Illustrations by Steven Ketchum
Steven Ketchum
an animated image of a man working in a messy room with lots of clutter on the floor
The Art of Kaneko
an image of the inside of a book with pink and black illustrations on it's pages
Paste Magazine
The 15 Best Comic Artists of 2016 - Paste
an image of a person sitting in the middle of a group of hands holding something