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TRILOGY: cruel prince

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QUARTET: three dark crowns

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rose weasley

SERIES: harry potter next generation (imagine)

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||two crows, one means love, one means lost, together they are a reminder of my…

DUOLOGY: six of crows

15 Pins | Your Private Guide to unleashing your authentic power, leveraging your life choices, and elevating your potential in business, relationships, and lifestyle. | Handmade 1.5 inch button. Illustration by Grace Taylor. (●´ω`●)
Le Choc Des Pigments Publication: Vogue Paris November 2016 Model: Jamilla Hoogenboom, Aneta Pajak Photographer: Ben Hassett Fashion Editor: Claire Dhelens Hair: Christian Eberhard Make Up: Violette

QUARTET: red queen

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TRILOGY: the hunger games

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TRILOGY: magnus chase and the gods of asgard

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Архитектура Средневековья gothic, medieval, architecture

TRILOGY: a darker shade of magic

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SERIES: heroes of olympus / percy jackson and the olympians

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Who has not asked himself at some time or other: am I a monster or is this what it means to be a person? -  Clarice Lispector, A Hora Da Estrela

SERIES: the twilight saga

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"How could I look at / anything in this world / and tremble, and / grip my hands over / my heart? / What should I / fear?"▼ - Mary Oliver, from New And Selected Poems, Volume Two

SERIES: the lunar chronicles

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SERIES: a court of thorns and roses

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Levi Pinfold Slytherin
karanlikkadarsiyah: “ ♅ ♆ ”

SERIES: harry potter

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TRILOGY: Children of Blood and Bone

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an illustration of a curtained room with green curtains
a statue of a man with no shirt on holding a small bird in his hand
ً✩✩✩✩✩ on Twitter
two statues in the middle of a room with white walls and arches on either side
the emblem for an american company on a black background with blue and white inks
How to Write an Art Review – What You Need to Know
Levi Pinfold Ravenclaw
a red and black image of a coat of arms with two lions on the crest
How to Write an Art Review – What You Need to Know
Levi Pinfold Gryffindor
the sly crest is lit up in green
How to Write an Art Review – What You Need to Know
Levi Pinfold Slytherin
a woman with long dark hair and blue eyes wearing a gold choker around her neck
a woman holding her hands up to her head with rings on it's fingers
old books are stacked on top of each other with the words my memories written on them
To All the Girls Whose Thighs Touch
karanlikkadarsiyah: “ ♅ ♆ ”
stairs leading up to a window in an old building with wooden paneling and carved wood panels