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a woman standing in front of a large metal horse and skeleton sculpture at a museum
Xu Minghao
Xu Minghao // The8 // wallpapers // Seventeen ♡
a person in a suit and tie taking a selfie
a black and white photo of a woman in a jacket looking off into the distance
a woman with pink hair on a boat
Rapper, Best Profile, Seungkwan
a woman sitting at a table with a bowl of food and a drink in front of her
black and white photograph of a woman with short hair wearing a jacket, looking off to the side
a person with a heart drawn on their forehead
minghao icon !
a woman with blonde hair wearing a white dress
Xu Minghao // The8 // wallpapers // Seventeen ♡
a woman taking a selfie with her cell phone
꜀(^. .^꜀ )꜆੭
𖥻 seventeen Dokyeom (도겸) 🌙
a man is sitting in the water with his eyes closed
a man with red hair sitting in a car wearing a denim shirt and looking at the camera
a woman is getting her makeup done at the same time
jeonghan coquette icon
svt seventeen someone @ the owner of the pic , j got it from twt but i forgot :(
a young man is holding his cell phone up to his head and posing for the camera