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four ducks swimming in the water with snow down written on it's back side
may desktop laptop wallpaper by sincerely.jehn
some yellow flowers are by the water and green plants in the foreground, while another plant is on the shore
an open window shows boats in the water and on land beyond it is a table with art
close up view of green plastic material that looks like honeycombs
the water is crystal clear and there are many bubbles in the water that make it appear to be floating
a lone tree stands in the middle of a green field under a cloudy blue sky
an abstract background with brown and yellow colors
the sky is filled with white clouds over the ocean and beach area, as seen from an airplane
@linviena | Sfondi estivi, Paesaggi, Sfondi
several butterflies flying over flowers and trees
— 🖇 m i c h y
the water is crystal blue and clear with little ripples on it's surface