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small tortillas filled with meat and cheese on a black plate next to a striped napkin
Steak Fajita Cups
Personalized and packed with flavor, these individual Steak Fajita Cups are great to spice up your dinner time. 😋 nnYou can find this recipe and more personalized sized meal solutions in the NEW issue of Cart-to-Kitchen, pick up free in Fareway Stores! nnhttps://www.fareway.com/recipes/steak-fajita-cups
two muffins on a red plate next to an orange juice and some apples
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cups
The most important meal of the day just got a little big easier! These personalized sized Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cups can be found in the NEW issue of Cart-to-Kitchen. Packed with cinnamon, vanilla and apple flavors, they'll be your new go to! https://www.fareway.com/recipes/apple-cinnamon-oatmeal-cups
two plates with food on them sitting on a table
Chicken Pot Pies
What's your favorite comfort food? For many of you it may be the beloved Chicken Pot Pie! What if these were already waiting for you in your freezer to heat up? 😋 Check out recipes like this in the new issue of Cart-to-Kitchen, FREE in stores! https://www.fareway.com/recipes/chicken-pot-pies
mini pizzas are sitting on a cutting board
Pepperoni Pizza Pockets
A twist on the classic pepperoni pizza, but get out your muffin tins for this one! Pepperoni Pizza Pockets from Cart-to-Kitchen's new issue, creates personalized sized pizza only using four ingredients. Find this recipe and more in stores! https://www.fareway.com/recipes/pepperoni-pizza-pockets
some food is sitting on a plate with chopsticks next to it and two bowls in the background
Deconstructed Egg Rolls
Bring the flavors of your favorite takeout to your kitchen! The new issue of Cart-to-Kitchen brings inspiration of how to make personalize sized foods, like these Deconstructed Egg Rolls, using your muffin tins. https://www.fareway.com/recipes/deconstructed-egg-rolls What's your favorite takeout food?
there are eggs in the muffin tins on the table next to some salt and pepper
Egg Muffins
Your trusted muffin tins are for more than just muffins! Dividing some of your favorite recipes into muffin tins gives you perfectly portioned meal sizes. Find this recipe and more in the FREE issue of Cart-to-Kitchen, found in stores! https://www.fareway.com/recipes/egg-muffins
two chicken sandwiches with lettuce and coleslaw on a wooden cutting board
Everything Chicken Salad Sandwich
Fareway's here to make meal time just that much easier. The NEW Cart-to-Kitchen magazine issue includes innovative spring-time meals, sure to brighten up your plates. 😋 Grab a FREE issue at Fareway to find these Everything Chicken Salad Sandwiches! https://www.fareway.com/recipes/everything-chicken-salad-sandwich
an info sheet with different types of logos and numbers on it, including the words
Tips & Ideas | Fareway | S'more Ways to Eat Your S'mores | Fareway
three sandwiches with toothpicks in them sitting on a tray
Bollywood Sliders
Bollywood-inspired sliders for the international movie lovers.
a close up of a pizza with cheese and black olives on it, surrounded by tortilla chips
15 Minute Italian Nachos - Eat at Home
We love all kinds of nachos. These Italian Nachos are one of our favorites!
grilled meat, corn on the cob and an apple orchard cookbook sit on a red plate
Fareway Stores - Full Service Grocery Stores
Pork Chops with Angry Orchard Crisp Apple from Fareway
there are many different types of pastries on the table and in front of them
Taco Pizza Pinwheels - Old El Paso - Old El Paso
Taco Pizza Rolls
a pizza topped with lots of toppings sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
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Frito Lay Taco Pizza by Fareway
tortillas, salsa and fresh vegetables on a wooden table
Fareway Stores - Full Service Grocery Stores
Fareway - Full service food stores
three different pictures of steak being cooked in a skillet
Coffee Crusted Steak
Coffee Crusted Steak