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small tortillas filled with meat and cheese on a black plate next to a striped napkin
Steak Fajita Cups
Personalized and packed with flavor, these individual Steak Fajita Cups are great to spice up your dinner time. 😋 nnYou can find this recipe and more personalized sized meal solutions in the NEW issue of Cart-to-Kitchen, pick up free in Fareway Stores! nn
two steaks on a cutting board next to a salad
Shoulder Tender Steak Explained
Cart-to-Kitchen: Shoulder Tender Steak Explained Being an expert in all things meat, Scott shares one of his favorite tender cuts of beef, should tender steaks. For recipe ideas using the shoulder tender steak, head to
strawberries and blueberries are arranged on a white plate with blackberries in the shape of ladybugs
Buggy Berries
Your kitchen doesn't have to be boring anymore! Invite the kids to the table to make these Buggy Berries made from your favorite spring time produce item- strawberries! 🍓 Find out how to make these adorable critters in your FREE copy of Cart-to-Kitchen.
a toast with peanut butter and bananas on it
Teddy Bear Toast
Funky Food Art doesn't have to just be for kids, it's adult friendly too! In the new issue of Cart-to-Kitchen explore fun ideas to spring up your kitchen with ideas like this Teddy Bear Toast. What's your favorite toast topping?
two heart shaped lollipops on a plate with blueberries and watermelon
Healthy Hearts
These funky Healthy Hearts are a fun way to get kids involved in the kitchen and make for a fun party decoration turned snack! Check out how to make these and more funky food art in the NEW issue of Cart-to-Kitchen, located at your local Fareway magazine stand. 💗
an arrangement of fruits arranged to look like a flower
Fruity Flowers
Fresh from the Fareway produce department, a fun fruit-filled activity for the kids is right around the corner! In the new issue of Cart-to-Kitchen, find out how to make food art like these Fruity Flowers and more. Pick up your FREE issue the next time you're at Fareway! 🌼
sliced kiwis and strawberries on a white plate
Strawberry Star Flowers
The NEW issue of Cart-to-Kitchen is packed with ideas including fun funky food art for kids! Learn how to make these Strawberry Flowers from items you can easily add to your shopping cart. Which do you like better: Strawberries or Kiwi?
Spring Cleaning the Kitchen Tips (including shelf life of common foods) Health, Health Fitness, Nutrition, Health And Wellness, Diet, Health Doctors, 200 Calories, Dieta
Tips & Ideas | Fareway | Spring Cleaning | Fareway
Spring Cleaning the Kitchen Tips (including shelf life of common foods)
a poster with different types of meats in front of microwaves and toaster ovens
How Long Will My Meat Keep?
a large poster with many different types of boats
Food Coloring Mixing Chart | McCormick
Food color guide for turning white frosting into the perfect team-colored topper for game day treats!
a chocolate cake with marshmallows on top is wrapped in plastic and sits on a table
Wow, nice looking cake... NOT
How to keep cling wrap from sticking to frosted cake
a watermelon sitting on top of a wooden table with the words, the easy way to cut a watermelon
The Easy Way to Cut Watermelon!
Cutting a Watermelon, the easy way!
a spoon with salt sitting on top of it
9 Practical Household Uses For Salt
Practical Household Uses for Salt... who knew?
three pieces of food wrapped in plastic sitting on a white plate with blue and yellow handles
Pancakes for camping. Freeze it, pack it, and just cut the tip off when you are ready to cook. ---Ingenious!
a man pouring sauce on top of a piece of meat in a metal skillet
Everything to Make Rachael's Favorite Recipes | Rachael Ray
The Sneakiest Chef Ingredients from the Supermarket... Love some of these unexpected tips and tricks!