Baguio apartment

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a wooden clock with colorful candies painted on it's face and the hands
Perfect Gift Ideas for the Artist in Your Life
an empty shelf next to a window in a room with a plaid curtain on it
Полка из дерева с канатами ручная работа от #vladimirpoluden
Дом из дерева от профи Белдом, строим в Германии #деревянныйдом #домиздерева
an old fashioned refrigerator is covered in floral fabric and sits next to a cabinet with drawers
fridge wallpaper
there are many houseplants on the shelves in this room
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the sun shines brightly in front of a window decorated with beads and plants on display
insta: @nst.julien photo:vsco
an old stained glass window in the corner of a room
Мои замечательные френды.
some flowers are sitting on the stairs
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a blue door in a white room with floral wallpaper
Best Dutch Door Design Ideas
a window that has some kind of glass on the side of it and a red lantern sitting in front of it
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a kitchen sink with plants hanging from the windows