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the sun is setting behind some palm trees
sun is setting down to signify that it will rise again in the morning❤️
there is a rock in the middle of some rocks and grass on the ground,
Riverbeds may run out of its water; but my love for you will forever be true#learningpoetry
some very pretty green grass with little white flowers on the top and bottom part of it
We are not blinded to see beauty in the tiniest things depending on how we value it
some trees and a house by the water
Beach hopping
the door is made out of wood and has metal grilles on it's sides
Wood + Steel
an old black phone sitting on top of a table next to flowers and books in vases
There's beauty in evrything old
two people sitting on a wall with the sun setting in the back ground behind them
My daily pins;)
the stairs are made of wood and have metal handrails
Industrial staircase.a mixd of wood and metal architecture ;)
a close up view of a wall made out of wooden planks and tile tiles
The flare of a Bricked wall ;)
a row of white bamboo trees next to each other
Anything wood or organic ;) @Secdea resort bamboo fence
a wooden dock sitting on top of a body of water
Sometimes the path may be crooked but always set your goals straight to the target⛳
a lone tree sitting on the edge of a body of water under a cloudy blue sky
Broaden your horizons and take time to sit by the sea ;)
the bark of an old tree is brown
a body of water surrounded by palm trees and a hut on an island in the middle
The Spot fishing village @ Banana beach;)
a bunch of rocks that are next to each other on the ground and one has a cell phone in it
Earth & stones;banana beach jungle trail