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Minimal Living and Sustainable Dwelling
A daily mundane activity of crumpling paper waste and disposing, became the seed for inspiration in this individualistic façade design. The corten steel ornamental façade is an integration of organically formed creases and a meticulous rice paper cutting method. An engaging take on this façade is its forms, analogous to unwrapping a crumpled piece of paper which narrates uncertainty and exclusivity, of how no 2 wrinkles could be the same, stirring playful sciography inside the home.
a fire hydrant sitting on the side of a fence
Entregaron barda perimetral frontal a la secundaria Luis Donaldo Colosio
two large planters with purple flowers in them
Wire Fence
a row of black and white fences next to a green lawn with palm trees in the background
Backyard Fence Design Ideas to Inspire You | Yard Surfer
two black gates on the side of a building
Rockina Crestone
a row of black and white fences next to a green lawn with palm trees in the background
Next Generation Fencing | Gates Gold Coast | Gold Coast QLD, Australia
an image of a room divider that is open
The Retro Stylish Renovation of RCA Studio by Anderson Design Studio
a room that has some shelves in it
The second edition of The Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit is near
the interior of a restaurant with tables, chairs and bookshelves on display in front of large windows
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an iron gate is open on the side of a white building with plants in it
Decorating Mantels