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the fruit is growing on the tree and ready to be picked from it's leaves
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Ever wonder why you don't see cashews in shells? they grow on Cashew Apples! In tropical regions, cashew trees produce a fruit called the 'cashew apple', the 'nut', the seed rather grows from the bottom of the fruit.
pears growing on a tree in the sun
Raise A Glass To Perry, Craft Cider's Pear Cousin
Thorn pears, an English variety used for perry production.
black berries are growing on the tree
Duhat: Anti-Diabetes Black Plum
Duhat (Black Plum) Edible fruit tree Syzygium cumini, Luuk Waa, ลูกหว้า, Jambulbaum, Jambolanapflaume, Rosenapfel, Wachsjambuse, Syzygium jambolana, Syzygium obovatum, Syzybaum, Eugenia cumini, Eugenia jambolana, Eugenia obovata, Myrtus obovata, Eugenia cuminii, Eugenia jambolana, S. jamun, Java Plum, Jambolan, Indian blackberry
some yellow fruit hanging from a tree with green leaves
Star Fruit 'Kari' (Averrhoa carambola)
Star Fruit 'Kari' (Averrhoa carambola)
the fruit is hanging from the tree in the rain soaked area, and it looks like they are ready to be picked
Hablando de frutos extraños y exóticos..., ¿conoces este?
Desde ÁRBOLES FRUTALES nos muestran cómo es la carambola, sus usos, propiedades y métodos de cultivo.
some green fruit hanging from a tree with leaves
Dicas de Saúde | Dicas de Saúde, Emagrecimento e Bem-estar!
Unripen guava
a bunch of green coconuts growing on a palm tree in the grass near some trees
Coqueiro ou Coco Anão
O gênero Cocos é constituído apenas pela espécie Cocos nucifera L., a qual é composta de algumas variedades, entre as quais as mais importantes são: tipica (Var. Gigante) e Nana (Var. Anã). O coqueiro anão constitui-se na variedade de coqueiro mais utilizada comercialmente no Brasil para produção de água de coco, com qualidade superior às demais cultivares. A variedade Anã apresenta desenvolvimento vegetativo lento, iniciando a produção em média com dois a três anos após o plantio, e a partir...
several durians hanging from a tree in the forest with grass and trees around them
Amulette und Tempel Statuen aus Thailand
a woman is cutting plants in a window sill
Unique Herb Garden Ideas: Indoor, Outdoor, Outdoor Potted , DIY, Outdoor Raised Garden Beds- Bless My Weeds
Growing Herbs in Windowboxes- It's easy and you'll love being able to add fresh herbs to all your dishes!
the fruit is growing on the tree and ready to be picked from it's branches
Langsat (Lansium domesticum) - A tropical fruit tree grown mainly in the Southeast Asia region
the fruit is growing on the tree and ready to be picked from it's branches
Papaya - Wikipedia
Papaya - Two kinds of papayas are commonly grown. One has sweet, red (or orangish) flesh, and the other has yellow flesh The papaya (from Carib via Spanish), papaw, or pawpaw is the fruit of the plant Carica papaya, the sole species in the genus Carica of the plant family Caricaceae