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A selection of our favorite items and trends from Etsy. Find everything from mini needle-felted animals, embroidery hoop decor, humorous art prints, enamel…
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Eco Resin Hair Clip
Etsy seller StudioPepita transforms trash into treasure 🎉✨ Each one of these hair clips starts life in a massive bucket of threads, add a few layers of eco resin, and you've got the perfect accessory
Ceramic Watercolor Palette
This is what watercolorist dreams are made of 🎨 Hand-carved pallette by Mistceramics
Ceramic Pour Over
*switches from tea to coffee to get this cute pour over from Etsy shhop ossoceramics*
Prisma Sun Catcher
Add a little sparkle to your home with this beautiful sun catcher from Etsy shop solonline ✨ So much behind the scenes work goes into making each piece!
Colorful Queer Art
"To be able to express my queerness in this way is just the ultimate form of self care to me and I just hope that it finds the people who need it the most." Meet Larsie Mae, the artist behind this gorgeous colorful queer art 🎨 Check out her Etsy shop lmfreebird where Pride is celebrated all year long 🏳️‍🌈
Flower Resin Earrings
Jewelry preserving the beauty of nature 🌿 Handmade from multiple thin layers of resin and beautiful dried flowers by sister-duo Etsy shop lkelegance
How to Use a Garlic Grater
Such a yummy appetizer 🧄 This garlic grater dish from Etsy shop modernfirepottery is the perfect hosting gift
Unique Mug Art
This peel and reveal is like ASMR but for my eyes 👀 Iveta from Etsy shop ivetavaicule creates mugs inspired by nature that are full of character and personality.
Western Ceramic Charms
Give me everything Western 🤠🐎 From square dancing boots to big 'ole hats I want it all. Starting my obsession with these ceramic charms from Etsy shop toastsstudios
Linen Tea Towel Stamping
Those colors 😍 Adding Etsy seller shopjuliepeach's hand-printed tea towels to my summer on the coast 🦞🐚
Sweet Snacks Ceramics Mug
The 'for your sweet snacks' mug from Etsy shop kiwipocashop🍓🍪😋 Filling mine with chocolate chips, raspberries, and gummy bears. What's in yours?
Nostalgic Wire Dexterity Ball
How many of you remember this!? Etsy shop merakisphere just unlocked a childhood memory 🤯
Unique Etsy Finds
I'll go first: a custom watercolor of my dog dressed up like Renaissance-era royalty 🐕👑
Eclectic Paper Goods
Summer Trip Packing
Gotta pack my mini bags before I pack my big bag for my mini bags 👜