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Faux Leather and Resin Clip Tutorial!!
Using UV Resin and faux leather to make some clip covers! All products used are available at our shop linked above! See the full video at #UVResin #resincrafts #clipcovers #hairclips #resintutorial #diyhairclip #hairaccessories #waterproofhairclip #poolhairclip #summerDIY #summercrafts #glitter
Aprenda passo a passo a confeccionar lindos laços e tiaras clique aqui
🎀 Quer aprender outros modelos? No curso Laços e Tiaras você encontra peças exclusivas que não existem na internet. Segredo revelado, técnica das rosas e outras técnicas que estão reveladas nesse curso pra você. São 170 aulas de laços e tiaras além de técnicas de vendas🎀🤩.. /lacosetiaras /tiaras /tiarasdeluxo /iarasinfantis /hairties /bows /hairbows /ribbon /ribbonflower /hairbows /ribbonembroidery /ribbonbows /ribbonflower
three bows with gold, silver and red sequins are on a wooden surface
How to make a beautiful hairpin by hand
Make a beautiful hairpin to welcome Christmas
Come on, make a hair clip you like
Cool with a bow 🎀 Hair Clips For Braids, Braid Trends, Latest Hair Color, Cool Braid Hairstyles, Cool Braids, Full Hair, Holiday Hairstyles, Cooler Look, Fall Hair Colors
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Cool with a bow 🎀