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a hand holding a doll house in the middle of a room with black and white flooring
Paris Miniatures
Paris Miniatures
a person holding up a shelf filled with lots of candy
PetitPlat Miniatures by Stephanie Kilgast
miniature candy shelf
there are headphones and an mp3 player in the hand
miniature iPhone and headphones
someone is holding a miniature purse with two small rings on it's handle, and they are both made out of fabric
Nono mini Nostalgie
miniature: mini purse made with bull clip
a hand holding a small glass candle in it's right hand and another photo of the inside of an empty glass
Rustic seasonal foods and some new Harry Potter goodies!
After Dark Miniatures: storm lantern
a hand holding an open black umbrella on top of a white table next to a scarf
AligraDolls Tutoriales
Umbrella How-to
three small umbrellas sitting on top of a person's hand
Tutorial - Paraguas cerrado
how to: closed umbrella
someone is stitching something on the fabric with their fingernails to make it look like they are weaving
pin weaving for tiny textiles
How to: Pin weaving for miniature rugs and such.
a shelf filled with lots of candy on top of it's shelves next to other items
BLOG | Stephanie Kilgast - Contemporary Sculptures & Art
Candy Shop Shelf - Lollipops, Chocolate & More by Stephanie Kigast of PetitPlat Handmade Miniature Food
a miniature box with watercolors in it being held by a person's hand
Encore des accessoires papeterie...
how to: artist's watercolor box (with printables) Part 2 here:
a table topped with hamburgers, cheese and ketchup on top of a wooden cutting board
a table topped with lots of different types of pastries
PetitPlat Miniatures by Stephanie Kilgast
Miniature Modern Pâtisseries, Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlat Food Art
several different colored vases being held in their hands
You'll Never Notice What Makes These Handmade Vessels So Incredible At First, But Wow
Artist Creates Perfect Miniatures Via Glassblowing
two pictures showing different types of mexican food and the same image with text overlay that reads diy mini mexican food
Dollhouse Miniature Mexican Food Tutorial- Miniature Food Tutorial eBook - Cooking School Series
Learn how to make miniature Mexican food out of polymer clay with this easy-to-follow eBook!