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Jeremy Fragrance
Jeremy Fragrance
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Jeremy Fragrance Acceptance Speech - Best Vlog | 2018 Fragrance Foundation Awards
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Men's Cologne, Best Mens Cologne, Mens Cologne, Men's Fragrance, Best Fragrance For Men, Cologne
Best Colognes For Men in 2024 | Tested By Jeremy Fragrance
Lord, New Hair, Wealthy Men, Stylish Mens Outfits, Mens Outfits, Suit Jacket
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"One of the last days of snow. My SOTD: Layton EXCLUSIF  This manages two things to do that are extremely hard. It has solid amount of OUD and a pinch of Civette and still makes it a likeable perfect niche winter fragrance." Winter, Men's Fashion, Mens Style Guide, Winter Fragrance, Mens Fashion Suits, Sotd, Mens Fashion, Men
"One of the last days of snow. My SOTD: Layton EXCLUSIF This manages two things to do that are extremely hard. It has solid amount of OUD and a pinch of Civette and still makes it a likeable perfect niche winter fragrance."
Nice, Nike, Vince Camuto, Suit
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Strong OUDS: Alexandria 2 Kursa Blue Sapphire Kemi Oudh Infini #perfume #niche #nichefragrance #oud #xerjoff #nicheperfume | By Jeremy FragranceFacebook
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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male vs Paco Rabanne 1 Million
Fragrance Lovers, Marc, Fragrence, Obsession
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Top 5 Most Seductive Fragrances for Women. #perfume #prada #parfumo #duft #cologne #edp #edt #monguerlain #dolcegabbana #suited #suitwear #suitstyle... | By Jeremy Fragrance | Five sexy perfumes for women. Ladies, these are the sexiest perfumes for women currently on the market. We start off with the number five most sexy perfume for women which is a fresh and clean fragrance for the office. Prada La Fam. In case you didn't know ladies, Prada is known for making fantastic, soapy fragrances. There's no other brand on Earth that is better at doing soapy fragrances than Prada. So, number five spot, although it's difficult to make a sexy, fresh, and clean fragrance for women, because generally, men want to have women smell like sweet, sugary, fruity stuff. But still, this is a great, high appreciation factor with all the men. I showed this too. Hey, would you like to smell this on a woman? Yes, very high appreciation factor but be aware, this is more for the fresh and clean daytime. The number four most sexy perfume is the and this ladies is the wife fragrance. It I call it the wife fragrance for different reasons. First, the performance is not so strong that you will attract people in the club and I think if you're a wife, you don't go in the club to get to know other men. So, the performance is not the greatest so rather just the special people will smell it on you like your husband. Secondly, it's more grown up. It doesn't smell like a sixteen-year-old girl, like a Victoria's Secret Fragrance. It smells like a grown up, very sexy woman like a whatever like a Angelina Jolie who advertises this one. And that's the reason I feel like it's a wife fragrance. It's a gorgeous, sexy fragrance with very unique aspects of lavender in it. It has some lavender which is very unique for a woman's fragrance. So, number four most sexy perfume for women is Mungarlan. Number three, we got the La Vie and this is life is beautiful and it's the most complimented perfume for women. What does it mean? If you are looking for compliments and you are interested in that topic, getting compliments for your fragrances, then, this is the best out of all of these five. The is the best perfume if you want to get a lot of compliments and just by the first original one, the it's a magnificent collaboration by master performers like Olivia Pois who now works exclusive for Chanel and this was one of his last creations. So, great compliment Ghetta fragrance. You see, there's a structure. We got the fresh and clean office. We got the wife fragrance, the intimate one. We got the big, loud compliment getter. Now, we come to the best sexy summer perfume for women. Obviously, it's light blue intense. Buy the intense. Don't buy this by the strong one, buy the intense version. It is apple, it is florals, it is lemon, it's gorgeous, simple yet sexy like Leonardo Da Vinci said, the most fantastic things are in simplicity and that's high competence. This is the number most sexy perfume on Earth and it's great for the summer. It's your summer fragrance and the number one sexiest perfume is your poison girl. Why? Because under the following standards, it beats every fragrance on Earth for women. Combined. Performance, great. Versatility, great. Can wear it everywhere, anytime. Brand Image Dior, superstar. Compliment factor, very high. Quality ingredients, very high. Now, there are fragrances that have more quality ingredients. There are fragrances like a Chanel that has even better brand recognition but the mix of all of these, nothing can touch the Order Puffer, your poison girl. So, if you're looking for a Swiss Army knife, one trick pony for women, then I suggest you this one. Thank you for watching ladies. Have a great day. Bye.