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Language arts lesson plans, blog posts, and teaching ideas for upper elementary and middle school ELA teachers. This board features my favorite classroom ideas…
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two lockers with the words end of the year made easy on them
ELA End of Year Made Easy
End of the School teacher tips for middle school ELA teachers!
three children sitting at a table with the words ela end of year activities for middle school
ELA End of the Year Activities for Middle School
These are my favorite ELA end of the year activities for middle school and upper elementary students.
a pair of pink sunglasses with the words testing is over now what? try this
Try these ELA ideas after state testing!
Middle grade ELA ideas to teach after state testing has ended.
someone is holding up some writing paper with the words mentor text connection
Mentor Text Read Aloud with Reader's Notebooks
One strategy I teach my students is to list questions you may have about reading you just completed so that those questions can be revisited before continuing on.
a quote that says it's hard not to feel happy when you make someone smile
Teachers: Smile and Greet Your Students Each Day
I want my students to know how excited I am to get to work with them each day, and I do my best to reflect this from the moment they walk through the classroom door.
a girl holding up a sign that says taco burrito your teaching is so neato
Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Printable
As teacher appreciation week comes upon us, don’t underestimate the power of your words to a teacher. They may seem like a small gesture, but they mean more than you could ever know. Kind thoughts and thank yous are POWERFUL!
students with their arms in the air and text that reads, student recognition made easy
Student Recognition Made Easy
As a veteran teacher, I can tell you that adding a little personalization to student recognition goes a long way with my students. While whole-class compliments are appreciated, my kiddos want to know that their individual actions are being noticed.
two children sitting at desks with the text what to teach after testing?
What to Teach After Testing: ELA Activities Students Love!
Here are a few purposeful ELA activities to keep that don’t require a lot of prep time and are flexible enough to be used on modified bell schedules. You can also do elements of each one outside when the weather is nice!
a poster with the words, novel study ideas and an image of a boy holding a suitcase
A Few Novel Study Activities for Bud, Not Buddy
Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis is a realistic historical fiction novel your students will love reading. This is one of the first books I created my own novel study unit for, and it has been a staple of my classroom ever since.
the words earth day for big kids on top of a pile of nuts and seeds
Earth Day Activities for Middle Grades
Earth Day is important and students are always eager to learn more about the environment and take part in outside activities whenever they can.
a girl holding up a book with the title 10 things middle school readers want you to know
10-Things Middle School Readers Want You to Know
If you have ever wondered what is going on inside the minds of middle school readers, here are some insights I’ve gathered through experience:
a dog wearing glasses sitting on top of a pile of books with the title middle grade novels for dog lovers
Middle Grade Novels and Stories for Dog Lovers!
One strategy you can try with your reluctant readers in the middle grades is to offer novels with dogs as one of the main characters. I have several posts on here about finding high-interest books for middle school because it is a constant challenge throughout the school year. You can never have a wide enough array of book recommendations if you want to keep books in your students’ hands.