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an open notebook with the words, how to write and snapped on it
Student Recognition Made Easy
I love to capture my students in action, doing awesome things.
a teacher teaching in front of her class with the title 7 steps to an engaging classroom
7 Steps to Build An Engaging Classroom Environment
By thinking about student engagement at the classroom level, I get more options to inspire my students across cognitive, behavioral, and emotional levels. Here are some of the strategies I use to create an engaging classroom environment.
a light bulb with the words 5 ways to use ela task cards on it
5 Ways to Use ELA Task Cards
5 Ways to Use ELA Task Cards in Your Classroom TOMORROW!
a group of students raising their hands in the air with text reading 6 ways to increase student
6 Ways to Increase Student Participation | Cult of Pedagogy
the january classroom checklist is shown in blue and green
January ELA Classroom Refresh
I like to spend a few hours refreshing my classroom before school resumes.
christmas decorations with the words creative classroom christmas decoration ideas to copy
75 Creative Classroom Christmas Decoration Ideas
The best ideas for classroom Christmas decorations including adding a classroom Christmas tree and tons of décor and crafts that your students will love!
a man dressed as santa clause sitting in front of a christmas stocking box with candles on it
101 Creative Christmas Classroom Door Decorations - Chaylor & Mads
The best ideas for creative Christmas classroom door decorations including funny ideas, ideas with kids, preschool ideas and ideas for teachers so you can win the Christmas door contest!
a collage of images with text that reads budget - friendly classroom decorations decorating without breaking the bank
Budget Friendly Classroom Decorations
4 ideas to create classroom decorations on a budget. No need to spend hundreds of dollars decorating your classroom. Cheap and easy classroom decor! |
classroom theme for elementary students with the title choosing the perfect classroom theme for elementary
Choosing the Perfect Classroom Theme for Elementary - Teacher's Brain
As we gear up for another exciting school year, it’s time to start thinking about how we can create a warm and inviting classroom environment for our students. One fantastic way to do that is by selecting a captivating classroom theme! If you’re looking for classroom theme ideas, classroom decorations, or other inspiration for the new school year, you’re in the right place!
classroom door decorations with the words 30 super cool classroom doors to bring in the fall season at school
30 Super Cool Classroom Doors to Bring in the Fall Season at School
a notebook with the words top 5 best ways to organize a middle school classroom on it
Top 5 Best Ways to Organize A Middle School Classroom
Classroom organization is one of the keys to setting a year up for success! These 5 tips will get you started on the right foot!
a room with purple walls and pictures on the wall in front of it that says building connections with classroom design
Build Connection with your Classroom Design
There are as many ways to design a creative classroom as there are to enjoy a summer day. I want your classroom to be a place where you feel safe, cozy, inspired, and happy. A place that you and your students look forward to coming every day. Check out this podcast episode, where you will hear from five expert guests who share their best tips for creating a classroom you love. #iteachela #creativeela