Mrs. Beers ELA Books and Novel Study Units

High-interest books and novel study units for upper elementary to middle school students. This board features the same novel units I use in my own ELA…
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two children hugging each other with the words 7 social stories about friends on top of them
7 Social Stories about Friendship
These narratives celebrate the essence of companionship in all its forms, from tales of loyalty to moments of shared laughter. Seeking inspiration, a touch of nostalgia, or simply a reminder of the bonds that unite us, these stories have something special for everyone. #FriendshipStories #SocialNarratives #FriendshipJourney #HumanConnection #KindredSpirits #CherishedMoments #ShareTheLove
a poster with the words, novel study ideas and an image of a boy holding a suitcase
A Few Novel Study Activities for Bud, Not Buddy
Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis is a realistic historical fiction novel your students will love reading. This is one of the first books I created my own novel study unit for, and it has been a staple of my classroom ever since.
a dog wearing glasses sitting on top of a pile of books with the title middle grade novels for dog lovers
Middle Grade Novels and Stories for Dog Lovers!
One strategy you can try with your reluctant readers in the middle grades is to offer novels with dogs as one of the main characters. I have several posts on here about finding high-interest books for middle school because it is a constant challenge throughout the school year. You can never have a wide enough array of book recommendations if you want to keep books in your students’ hands.
headphones and books with the words, big list of books recommended by 7th grade readers
Big List of Books Recommended by 7th Grade Readers
As we head into the final quarter and our final library walk of the school year, I wanted to share my 7th graders’ favorite reads from this year…
a book shelf filled with books and the words, 5th grade reading list with free lessons for
5th Grade Reading List - Freedom Homeschooling
bookshelf with text that reads engaging ways to introduce a class novel
Engaging Ways to Introduce a Class Novel in Middle School & High School
Looking for novel resources for middle school and high school? I’ve put together several of my favorite engaging ways to introduce a class novel to your secondary ELA class that will get them excited from Day One. In this post you will learn about anticipation guides, pre-reading introduction stations, student-paced digital novel introductions, and meet the main character press conference! Check out for more Secondary ELA resources!!
the middle school books for reluctant readers
Good Middle School Books for Reluctant Readers
children writing on notebooks with the title engaging novel projects to use with any book
Engaging Novel Projects for ANY Book - Teaching with a Mountain View
Novel projects are engaging ways to boost comprehension and hold students accountable or independent reading. The best novel projects for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades Includes several FREE projects and ideas that need very few supplies!