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an animal that is standing in the snow
Yeontan σ(≧ε≦σ) ♡
a person sitting on a couch holding a dog
the young man is sitting down with his hair up and wearing a black shirt,
BTS | Jin | Kim Seokjin
the boy band btob performing on stage with one hand up in the air and another holding
a person wearing a shirt and tie with a heart on it
Where stories live
"Thầy có biết thấy rất quyến rũ không?" Lưu ý: Truyện chỉ đăng ở Wat… #fanfiction # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad
a young woman with her hands on her face
a close up of a person with blue eyes and an earring in front of a white background
four different shots of the same person holding a flower in one hand and singing into a microphone
#jin #bts
two pictures of the same person with different hair colors and facial expressions, one is wearing a black t - shirt
180607 | #BTS at Sangam Fansign ♪ Korean Singer
180607 | #BTS at Sangam Fansign ♪
a young man with his hand on his face and the words seeking written in black ink
an image of the same person with different expressions on their face and in front of them
the btt members are posing for a photo in front of a white background with blue letters