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Fridge organization ASMR, Side-by-Side Fridge
The truth is.. I’ve hated this fridge for the 7 years since we’ve had this house 🥲. Side-by-side fridges are my least favorite fridge layout, because both the freezer and the fridge compartments are extremely narrow, yet deep. Thus, everything gets lost in the Narnia depths in the back of the fridge. 😭 Because of my hatred for this fridge, I refused to buy the nicer organizers which would (and have) ultimately made my life easier. I probably would have saved a ton of money because food always got lost and went bad. Recently, I decided to change my outlook, because this fridge has been good to us and she still (mostly) works fine. I measured all of the areas meticulously and even made a written diagram of how I would store everything. Then I set out to find the right organizers to
A Fridge with a clear vision
Easy Access: Organizing the fridge makes it easier to find what you need. Group similar items together (like dairy products or condiments) and place frequently used items at eye level for quick access. Minimize Food Waste: When you can easily see what's in your fridge, you're less likely to forget about items that might go bad. Proper organization helps you use up foods before they expire, reducing waste.