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an image of audio classes instant download
20 bold flyer ideas
20 big-color flyers that’ll help any business or event stand out on a crowded…
a movie poster for the unherd film festival
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The integration of the sound element graphic, revealing the positive space of the image is really a great solve in highlighting the theme. Unheard music in film.
an image of a statue with a keyboard on the ground and mountains in the background
Secret Society Illustrations
I was commissioned by a Nightclub in Limerick City, Ireland, to create a series of 8 illustrations to promote a new club night called Secret Society. Once the night kicks off I'll upload the final posters including the typographic layout.
the front and back cover of a black and white book with an image of a number seven on it
“Masterthesis 17”, 2018, by it’s mee - typo/graphic posters
“masterthesis 17” by it’s mee / switzerland, 2018 / digital print, 895 x 1280 mm
the cover of zabattegi's album
Diseño de posters por Xavier Esclusa
Posters de Xavier Esclusa 11
two banners with the names of different cities
City Night Party Flyer
City Night Party Flyer — PSD Template #dance music #concert • Download ➝
an image of the back side of a plane with different colors and shapes on it
Minimal Moon Sound PSD Flyer/Poster
Minimal Moon Sound PSD Flyer/Poster — Photoshop PSD #dj #dark moon • Download ➝
an image of two different flowers on a black background
Poster Collection
Poster by Xavier Esclusa Trias Twopots Design Studio
melting white dog face with the words melting away on it's chest and nose
Greenpeace : save you arctic : poster design : alonerobot Vote here.