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a full moon with the words days will pass and turn into years but i will forever remember you with silent tears
Days will pass and turn into years but i will forever remember you with silent tears. <3 My brother passed away on the 2nd August 2016, he will forever live in a corner of my heart <3
a poem written in the sky with clouds behind it
There's nobody I liked singing with more... you always had a song ♥♥♥ Robbie and Mom forever ( DH )
a heart with an angel above it and the words, and life goes on but never the same
Wings of Hope-Living Forward Inc.
And life goes on, but never the same.....❤
a piece of paper with the words in the wake of a sudden death, normal cases to exit - i want ready to say goodbye
In the wake of a sudden death, "normal" ceases to exist. - I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye #grief #loss
a poem written on the beach with an ocean view in the background and someone's quote below it
Nightmares and Dreams
Nightmares and Dreams, funny how you long for even one glimpse of heir face, even in the nightmares...
white daisies in front of a blue sky with the words, i will always wake up everyday only to remember you are not here and have to feel that
I will always wake up ...
especially hard when I've dreamed of you, alive & well, here with me.
a woman sitting on top of a bench next to the ocean with a sunset in the background
miss you Michael
an old paper with the words jesus i wanted to sit my babies on my lap and tell them all about you
Saying Goodbye - support for miscarriage and baby and infant loss
a person standing in front of a sunset with the words your life was a blessing, your memory, a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond
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Always and forever
two red hearts with the words if people knew how much i truly missed you, they would wonder how i am still breathing
Grief and Loss Quotes #Loss #Quotes #Griefandloss #heavensbookangels - written by Sandra of HEAVENSBOOK ANGELS in memory of Jayce Homer Web: Http://www.heavensbookangels.com Facebook www.facebook.com/HEAVENSBOOKANGELS www.facebook.com/HEAVENSBOOKHALOSHOP Twitter: @HeavensbookA
a pier with the quote i still can't believe you are gone every time
Some days I still just can't believe you're gone.
a bench sitting on top of a hill under a sky filled with stars and the words, my world is spinning out of control life is moving forward yet i am stuck in the moment when you
HEAVENSBOOK ANGELS memorial and sympathy gifts.
Grief and Loss Quotes #Loss #Quotes #Griefandloss #heavensbookangels My Quotes -written by Sandra of HEAVENSBOOK ANGELS Http://www.heavensbookangels.com www.facebook.com/HEAVENSBOOKANGELS http://www.facebook.com/HEAVENSBOOKHALOSHOP www.etsy.com/shop/HEAVENSBOOK
two seashells sitting on the sand with a quote written below them that reads, when you're beautiful heart stopped beating my heart just broke in two