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pixel art with different expressions on the screen
no adventure here...
a green frog holding pink hearts in the air
Valentine’s day ballon frog
a pixelated image of a cat laying on top of a piece of paper with its eyes closed
a frog in a bathtub with flowers on the side
🐻‍❄️ Sayu ☁️ (@sayuupi_) / Twitter
a drawing of a frog wearing a witches hat
frog in witch hat
a drawing of a frog with a mushroom on its head
fall frog 😏🤭
a drawing of a green frog with orange wings and numbers on it's face
an otter wearing a green hat with googly eyes
a cartoon frog with a mushroom on its head
four different types of cartoon animals and snails
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two green birds sitting on top of clouds with the words fro g above them
Wholesome frog art ChibiGreen
three stickers with different animals and plants on them, one has a mushroom in the middle
cute frog sticker:3
a cartoon character holding a piece of food in his mouth
You need a froggy crown