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a girl holding a heart with the words i'm sorry on it in front of her face
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13 Styles of Kissing—and How to Do Each One French Kiss A French kiss is generally what we consider making out. “It’s deep kissing where tongues swirl and play with each other American Kiss “This is a version of the French Kiss, so open mouth, but without the tongue. Lizzy Kiss “The Lizzy kiss is where you simulate a lizard by sticking out your tongue and your lover sticks out their tongue, and then you two play with each other's tongues Butterfly Kiss With a butterfly kiss, you don’t actually use your lips. Air Kiss Although it's generally thought of as hello and goodbye kiss, an air kiss can be something cute you do with your partner from across the room, Fleming says. Single-Lipped Kiss A single-lipped kiss is when you rotate kissing either the top or bottom lip, Lip Trace “Sensually and erotically trace the lips of your partner with your tongue and lips,” Ice Kiss If you want to cool things down, hold an ice cube in between your lips when you start making out. Spider-Man Kiss Tobey Maguire definitely made this one famous back in the day. A Spider-Man kiss is when one of you is upside-down, The Nibble Kiss While kissing (either pecking or making out), you can lightly nibble your partner’s lip. Vampire Kiss The vampire kiss is when you gently bite and suck on your partner's neck. It's a fun way to give your partner a hickey. ( Drink Kiss This one's fun to do while drinking. You take a small sip of your beverage and then kiss your partner, transferring the liquid to them. The Peck Reserve this quick, close-lipped kiss for hurried goodbyes and visiting your grandma.
an image of a cartoon character with the word ok above it's head and hands
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a yellow smiley face with two hands covering it's eyes
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a yellow emoticon holding up a sign with the words thank you on it
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a smiley face holding up a sign with the words be happy on it's head
Be Happy
a green smiley face pointing to the right with words ha ha ha in front of it
a yellow emoticure with the words omg above it
a yellow emoticon holding a sign that says stubborn