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two smartphones with different images on them, one showing an image and the other showing a
Reading Application
an abstract painting with circles and lines on it
Minjung Kim: Predestination
an open book with black and white images on it, in front of the cover
Archive Annyeong Newspaper vol.10, 2015 — Jin and Park
an advertisement for muji featuring two white vases and one is in chinese writing
光是看这些“与地球友爱共处”的文案,就知道是 MUJI 的生活哲学
an image of the word see inseek written in black and white
~2015 자서전
an image of a person standing in front of a circle with many circles around it
an open book with pictures on it
徳島県の文化情報誌 あおあお - AD FAHREN
the website design is clean and modern
MP Design
a person standing in front of a diagram
a diagram with lines and dots on it