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the batman symbol is shown in black and gold on a white background with wood paneling
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a drawing of batman from the animated tv series, with his name written on it
Chibi-Batman 3. by hedbonstudios on DeviantArt
a drawing of a cartoon character dressed as batgirl
Chibi-Batgirl 2. by hedbonstudios on DeviantArt
the batman in black and yellow is standing with his hands on his hips, as if he
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the batman is standing in front of a dark background
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the batman is sitting on top of another man's head, with his hands in his pockets
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an image of a cow flying over the moon with batman and catwoman on it
Those who wander are not lost
a batman toaster with two pieces of bread in it
DC Batman 2-Slice Toaster by Warner Bros - Electric Toaster for Kitchen Appliances - Imprints the Iconic Bat-Signal on Bread - Features Wide Slots and Crumb Tray - Gift for Batman Fans