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two pictures show different types of food wrapped in bread and rolled up to look like rolls
Pickle Dip Roll-Ups
Pickle Dip Roll-Ups ~ Pickle fans, these tasty roll-ups are for you! With their classic creamy pickle dip filling, they pack great pickle flavor in every bite. Perfect for parties, snacking, game day, or even lunch. #picklediprollups #pickledippinwheels #pickles
a platter filled with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and other veggies
Mediterranean Bruschetta Hummus Platter
milk Pizzas, Desserts, Sandwiches, Bacon Ranch, Chicken Pinwheels, Crack Chicken, Bacon Sandwich, Rotisserie Chicken
Crack Chicken Pinwheels - Football Friday - Plain Chicken
a glass jar filled with walnuts next to a tag
Toffee Walnuts - An Easy Candied Nuts Recipe!
a glass bowl filled with walnuts on top of a table
Toffee Walnuts
Toffee Walnuts makes a wonderful addition to holiday candy trays.
three chocolate covered cookies stacked on top of each other
chex scotcharoos
CHEX SCOTCHAROOS | Use Rice Chex (GF!) and *Hershey's* brand chips (Nestle butterscotch chips contain gluten).
a bowl filled with whipped cream surrounded by crackers and flowers
Baklava Dip
Baklava Dip
a jar filled with diced food sitting on top of a wooden table
Without fail, I whip this up for every party. Everyone can finish the entire mason jar!
the 25 popcorn recipes are shown in this collage with text overlaying them
Popcorn Recipes That Will Make Movie Night Delicious
25 Flavored Popcorn Recipes
several different types of pastries and desserts in pans, including ham rolls
Hot Ham and Cheese Pinwheels | Ham and Cheese Roll Ups Recipe
Quick and Easy Party Food. #comfortfood
Delicious Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups!
a white bowl filled with fruit salsa and a tortilla chip on the side
Strawberry Pineapple Salsa
small pieces of bread with blue cheese on them
Bruschetta with Gorgonzola Cheese and Honey
Bruschetta with Gorgonzola and Honey; what a great appetizer!
a glass of beer next to a bowl of nuts and crackers on a plate
The Best Beer Nuts