Viridian Master Planned Community

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a small pond in the middle of a yard
Viridian DFW
Look at this amazing landscaping in Viridian. Impressive !
a gazebo with steps leading up to it
Viridian DFW
Arely taking pictures of Conrad taking pictures of Viridian
a small tree in the middle of a grassy area next to a parking lot and building
Viridian DFW
Did you know that Viridian has an elementary school in the community?
an empty street with trees and bushes in the background
Viridian DFW
Entrance to Viridian Master Planned Community.
a black and white dog laying on top of a grass covered ground next to a fence
Viridian DFW
Pets enjoy the luxury of Viridian Master Planned Community. Featuring David DeVries's doggies: Sam and Max
Best place to spend the hot summer days. Summer, Home Décor, Summer Days, Best
Best place to spend the hot summer days.
a brown brick house with green grass and flowers on the front lawn in front of it
New listing! 3914 Plum Vista. Call 8172991039 or contact for information. Check out for more listings!