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Ингредиенты. Болгарский перец - 8 шт. Фарш мясной - 500 гр. (лучше свиной и говяжий) Рис - 70 гр. Лук репчатый - 1 шт. Растительное масло для обжарки Тесто слоёное бездрожжевое - 3 пласта Соль и перец по вкусу Кунжут для посыпки Яйцо - 1 шт.
a green cake with flowers and plants on it's top is sitting on a table
Swamp Cake
Swamp cake - 9" round chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream for my friend's little boy, James, who turned 5 today. He had a reptile themed party so needed a reptile themed cake to go along with it. He was very pleased.
a blue and white cake with purple flowers on it's top, sitting on a gold plate
A classic choice, vanilla cakes are light and have a subtle vanilla flavor.
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a three tiered cake with flowers painted on it
Main Squeeze | Baltimore Weddings
Beautiful 🤩