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a pile of green dishes and utensils sitting on top of each other
Prop Styling the Scandinavian Way
Prop Styling the Scandinavian Way
Fashion, Balmain, Kolor, Maquillaje, Style, Esmeralda, Beautiful
an abstract background with green and yellow colors
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several cacti in front of a white building with blue windows and shutters
a cactus in a pot with balloons floating from it's back to the camera
Cactus And Baloons photographed by Mayda Mason- ONE EYELAND
the water is very green and there are rocks in the foreground with some waves coming up on it io games are listed here
Clothes, Stylish, Elegant, Broche, Women, Style Me
green and white vases are stacked on top of each other in the shape of leaves
Wood Snails How beautiful are these? Love the...
Wood Snails How beautiful are these? Love the #colour, the #texture and the fact that they are made of wood. Wow!
a green bottle sitting on top of a basket filled with fruit and veggies
The 'Value' of Texture
one of my past lives, i am sure, had something to do with bottles... i cannot resist a beautiful old bottle. one of my favorite gifts from my husband is a purple bottle. this green one would be perfect with it.