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an indoor greenhouse with lots of plants growing in the ground and hanging from ceiling lights
Check out the color on the dock
a garden filled with lots of different types of flowers and plants next to each other
6-3-15 Willoway Dock Video
a garden with many different types of flowers and trees
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Formal Garden
pink and white flowers line the edge of a garden
Peach Drift® Rose | Star Roses & Plants
Peach Drift® Roses are perfect low growing shrubs for borders, edges or containers. Disease resistant and winter hardiness adds to their low maintenance charm.
red and white flowers line the side of a road
Small Space Plant Selection: Drift Roses
The Double Knockout Rose. Great hedge against stone wall. Foliage gets a burgundy tinge. Will bloom all through October with that siting.
a house with flowers in the front yard and a birdbath on the side
Vinyl Window Boxes & Vinyl Flower Boxes | Hooks & Lattice | Material: Vinyl
Window Box & Curb Appeal
an aerial view of a small courtyard with brick walls and green plants on the ground
Gawkers, Welcome: House and Garden Tours (Published 2014)
*Small Patio Garden
purple flowers are blooming near the water
Wisteria overlooking pond in Monet's Garden, Giverny, France.