Fall - My favorite time of the year.

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two people in a small boat on a canal surrounded by trees with orange leaves and yellow foliage
Autumn in Utrecht, Netherlands • photo: Jeroen van Wijngaarden on Flickr
a farm surrounded by trees with red leaves in the foreground and autumn foliage on the far side
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My Dream...
a dirt road surrounded by trees with red and yellow leaves
It's a beautiful world!
fall country day....
the trees are changing colors and reflecting in the water
Autumn, Utrecht, The Netherlands
the sun shines brightly through the trees and leaves near a small stream in the woods
Fall Art for Sale - Fine Art America
Dead River Falls, Marquette, Michigan; Photo by: Michael Bessler
the road is surrounded by trees with red leaves
Autumn splendor, Saxony, Germany
an autumn scene with leaves on the ground and trees in the background, as if they were falling
Autumn Hollows
colorful trees in the woods with leaves changing colors and green, yellow, red and orange
Red Maple, Blue Hills, Wisconsin, Autumn, photo by Susanne Schroeder @www.pbase.com
Red Maple, Blue Hills, Wisconsin ♥ ♥
an image of a path that is surrounded by trees and leaves in the fall season
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Watermead Country Park,Leicestershire, England