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a table topped with plates covered in pictures
15 DIY Wall Art Projects for a High-End Look on a Budget
Photo Plate Display This afternoon project is really a two-for-one -- it shows off favorite photos and a collection of decorative plates at once. Pull out family photos or your favorite vacation snapshots, and open your cabinets in search of china frames. Use a compass to mark the images with cut lines. Cut out the photos and adhere them to the plates with double-sided tape.
three different shots of children's artwork on shelves
13 things
a family tree with many pictures hanging from it's branches and the names of their children
For my family. I think this is one of the most labour intensive images I have ever done but one of the most rewarding. It took hours to riffle through old family photos, some that I had never seen before, but it was such a joy to be able to still have such wonderful memories. Gone but not forgotten - I love you all
a group of figurines on top of a wooden table next to a mirror
Love the banner instead of a closed shadowbox. The work of Debrina Pratt. I absolutely love this!
a group of silver bells sitting on top of a table next to an old photo
New Designs...
something to do with old lids
an assortment of decorative items on display in a store window, including dolls and other decorations
three glass jars sitting on top of a wooden table next to bottles with pictures in them
DIY by pendletown on
Photos in a jar by pendletown. Lots of DIY projects.
a couple of figurines sitting on top of a shelf next to a painting
picture mom & daughter--This is cute. I want to try a variation with some fun pictures of the fam.
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, when i was a kid
This Is Me Challenge
"When I was a kid" - family reunion game
two old book pages tied with twine and buttons on top of lace covered table cloth
simple way to present vintage family recipes - this would be neat at a family reunion
a tree with many pictures hanging on it's bark and photos pinned to the trunk
A Casual Yellow-and-Pink Wedding at Home in California
Photo tree to celebrate our roots... sweet!
two cupcakes with figurines standing on top of them sitting on a blue box
Double sweet! Cut out pics (copies, of course!) and place them on top of cupcakes
a paintbrush sitting on top of some cards with yellow and gray designs around it
Scratch Off Lottery Tickets - DIY + Free Printables
#DIY scratch off lottery tickets + prizes = family reunion fun!