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a woman sitting on a couch in a living room next to a potted tree
How to Make a Stunning DIY Faux Tree That Looks Real
Learn how to create a gorgeous indoor faux tree at home. This DIY project is perfect for a weekend activity!
a person using a cordless drill to trim a tree with a screwdriver
DIY Faux Tree - Get the Look for Much Less - Chris Loves Julia
the before and after photos of a faux tree
How to Update a Faux Ficus Tree • Thrift Store Makeover • DIY • Look for Less • Thrift Flip
a living room with white walls and wooden flooring, plants in a wicker basket on the floor
How to Make a Fake Tree
Create a custom, beautiful, large indoor tree that requires zero maintenance for around $35. Follow these steps to make your own fake tree.
a bunch of green leaves laying on the ground next to some white tags that are attached to them
How to Make a Stunning DIY Faux Tree That Looks Real
We're sharing everything you'll need to make a DIY faux tree from the comfort of your own home.
some green plants are sitting on a white table cloth next to a pair of wooden sticks
DIY Olive Tree That Looks High-End
the back yard is covered in plastic and gravel
A Cocktail Pool or "Spool" is easier than you think to build!
an empty swimming pool surrounded by greenery
Small Plunge Pools for Your Backyard
an above ground swimming pool in the middle of a patio
Lola Mini pool – the small pool that suits everyone | Waterair Swimming Pools
a man sitting in an empty swimming pool
Cocktail pool is becoming the next cool project for the DIYer