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there are many different pots with plants in them on the same potted planter
Potter's Choice Combos
From Victoria Ward Pottery: These are some more of my favourite Amaco glaze combinations. White Earthstone stoneware clay ES5. The base glazes are all x 3 all over, the mid glaze is x 2 on top of this covering the top two thirds of the vessel. I usually choose a runny glaze for the top and apply it just around the rim to encourage the dripping effect. Bottom right is only two glazes but Ancient Jasper is extremely runny! I fire to 1200c in an electric kiln with a 20 min hold (cone5/6)
two coffee mugs sitting next to each other on top of a piece of paper
Cute Handmade Mugs - Handmade Ceramic Mugs on eco club
the speckled coffee mug is shown with different colors and sizes, including white and gray
specialty glaze resources
the different shades of glass are shown in this article, including blue and grays
specialty glaze resources
the instructions for how to make a glass pitcher with black and white paint on it
specialty glaze resources
specialty glaze resources - THE FIRESTONE