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a heart shaped box filled with photos and magnets on top of a wooden table
Idea 14 de febrero Caja de dulces #amor #amistad #caja #Regalo #dulces #Luz #dia #corazon
some papers and pictures are laying on a bed with white sheets, paper hearts, and other items
ig kiriehoo
a person holding a box with a calendar on it and a flower in the middle
a birthday gift box filled with personal care items
18th Birthday Gift
a box filled with assorted candy and other items
an open suitcase filled with candy and candies
an open birthday box with photos and decorations
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a drawing of a boy with flowers in his hair and the words'things i love about you '
things i love about you 💗‼️
a piece of paper with the words 1st best boyfriend written on it next to two medals
sixth mensiversary @ericosohn & @ruseanne