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the steps to heal your soul's feelings and body in order to be able to overcome
Soul Healing Tarot Spread
A tarot spread to help you connect with your souls desire and help reach your highest potential.
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the zodiac sign for tarot tips
Moonlit Magic
Moonlit Magic on Tumblr
the text reads tarot spread for your spirit journey next soul lesson with palm trees in the background
Tarot Spread - Next Soul Lesson: Spirit Journey
I am so beyond excited to share this high vibrational tarot spread with you! Thanks to some brilliant channeling from a beautiful friend of mine - she advised me to focus on the next soul lesson to help me find out my next step in life. Rather than spending too much energy focusing on where I'm directing my next step, she encouraged me to focus on the why - the reason behind the next step... the lesson that accompanies it. With her help I've realized it is so much easier to make life decisions when you follow your heart & trust that your inner knowing will guide you. We can intuitively sense a shift when one door is closing & another is opening - this tarot spread is perfect for a time like that.
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Tarot by Numbers: A Fast and Simple Way to Learn the Cards with Numerology | BiddyTarot Blog
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10 easy tarot spreads for beginners Oracle Card Reading, Reading Tarot Cards, Tarot Reading Business
What A Tarot Spread Is And How To Choose The Perfect One For You
the energy map for tarot reading is shown in black and white, with an arrow pointing
Tarot Spread using the Astrology Houses
This is a spred that you can use when you want to make a check in with yourself about how everything is going in every area of your life.
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a full moon with the words full moon on it and an image of trees in the background
New Moon vs. Full Moon & Manifesting | the crystal press fashion blog
Full Moon Ritual for letting go and meditating.
a Full Moon Ritual | Amy Jones