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a person standing in an art gallery looking at paintings on the wall and saying take me to an art museum kiss me between the paintings
Down the Rabbit-Hole
an image of some type of text on a poster with the words i'll go to sleep at a decent time when i end something worth waking up here
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you gotta promise
a woman in a blue and white dress standing next to a kitchen sink with the words, i only go to bed to sleep
Bells & Forks ®
two people standing next to each other near the ocean
virgo (@itiwster)
a woman sitting at a table with a glass in front of her and the words people don't need carers, people should just exit
Anamorphosis and Isolate
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a man with a scarf around his neck looking at the camera and saying, we must be different from our parents
two people standing next to each other in a room with the words can you hold my hand?
@d4eath (@6thxughts)
two people standing next to each other in front of a building with the words i'm as lost as you are
la belle personne
a bathroom door with writing on it that says i can't say it