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the top ten classic books to read
Meet horny girl in Marysville, CA
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an open book with the words books are uniquely portable magic
Risa Rodil
Books are a uniquely portable magic (4/?) Available here: RB // S6 // TeePublic // DBH
the seven names of jesus in different languages, including english and spanish words on them
kiss kiss fall in love!
women of shakespeare + name meanings note: some of these names had multiple meanings, so i chose the one i felt best suited the character ....
a stack of books with the words i read books to forget about my own life
I spend more time watching my stories in my head than writing them.
I spend more time watching my stories in my head than writing them.
the words, i'd rather be reading are surrounded by flowers and hearts
I'm One Reading Lady!
four different types of boats are shown in this graphic style, with the caption below
The first one though.. Michael Hosea
a spoon that is sitting in a cup on a table next to an open book
Drink Tea Read Books Be Happy, cadeau amoureux du thé, cadeau amoureux du livre, cuillère estampillée, club de lecture, design original par Flynn et Grace - Etsy France
Boire du thé. Lire des livres. Sois heureux. La main Vintage estampillé cuillère à thé créé par la cuillère de papier - cadeau amoureux de thé, livre amoureux cadeau amitié
rain is falling on the window and people are walking down the street with umbrellas
INFP Confessions | Life quotes, Inspirational quotes, Reading quotes
Or tea or wine.
a poem written in black and white with the words, you know you've read a
BookBub Blog - The book lover's inside source for news, tips, & deals
A very true quote about books - great books are like great friends!
a poster with many different types of posters on it's sides and the words in each
34 Compelling First Lines of Famous Books | Scribendi
The first lines of a story set the mood and draw readers in. This infographic features first lines from some of the most famous books of all time.