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BTOB~Sungjae #Very smooth… but this randomly happens to me when walking up the stairs too.
His face when he ate sour stuff #Sungjae Youtube, Disney, Kos, Btob Sungjae, Yook Sungjae, Sungjae, Sung Jae
His face when he ate sour stuff #Sungjae
a young man wearing a police uniform sitting down with his hands in his pockets and smiling at the camera
Sungjae in drama The Secret Village: Achiara
a man sitting in a chair wearing a black suit and white shirt with dark hair
BTOB·비투비 on Twitter
two young men with red hair making funny faces in front of the camera while another man looks on
a man sitting on the floor next to stacks of books with his hands in his pockets
Additional Images Of Yook Sung Jae In March GQ
Yook Sung Jae of #BtoB for GQ Korea, March 2017
a young man with glasses looking at the camera
the young man is sitting on top of a stool with his hand in his mouth
육성재 ♡: Photo
Yook Sungjae ♡ : Photo
four pictures of a young man holding a toothbrush and making the peace sign with his fingers
Cute Beagles, Jikook
a young man sitting on top of a bed wearing white shirt and grey shorts with his legs crossed
a man in a white suit holding his hand up to his ear and singing into a microphone
a young man sitting at a desk with his hands on his knees and looking away from the camera
a young man with black hair and white shirt