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a person holding a paintbrush and painting the wall with gray paint on it's side
an empty room with some paint on the walls and a light fixture in the corner
My Favorite Blue & Green Paint Colors - Anita Yokota
a blue door with the words walls, floors, and cabinets below it in white
10 Really Amazing Blue-Gray Paint Colors in action - Chris Loves Julia
someone is taking pictures of their shoes in the closet
an empty room with wooden walls and blue mattresses on the floor in front of it
Best Indoor Play: Playground Equipment for Kids Dubai, in Abu Dhabi, UAE |
two bunk beds with white sheets and pillows in a room that looks like it has been built into the wall
bunk beds are perfect for small spaces in the bedroom, but they're easy to set up
Cool Bunk Bed Ideas for Small Rooms
a bedroom with blue walls and white baskets on the bed, two pictures above it
Pretty Real: A Classic Modern Room for Dax + How to Design a Kid's Room That You'll Both Love!