Birdsong Castle

Castle features I would want for my fantasy castle and other medieval or antique furnitures and some not but still interesting things.
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an old castle with a wooden walkway leading to it
Heavy Is The Crown
The gatehouse at Bodiam Castle in East Sussex.
a long narrow tunnel with rocks on both sides and light coming from the end at the end
Kerak Castle,Jordan
an image of a spiral staircase going up
Chartres cathedral tower stairs Medieval
an old wooden door with writing on it in the middle of a stone wall and archway
Cathedral Door
Cathedral Door, Wells Cathedral in Somerset, UK | by Paul K Martin
an arched window in a stone building with a wooden chair and potted plant next to it
Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire
Studying corner in Astronomer's castle
an old brick wall and wooden door in a room with exposed wood flooring on the walls
Secret Room Behind Pivoting Timber/Beam | StashVault - Secret Stash Compartments
Hidden Beam Door Conceals Secret Priest Hole
an old fireplace is shown in the corner of a room with wooden paneling and brick
Cool Vacation Rentals With Hidden Rooms and Secret Passages
Habitación del panel secreto en Sandwich, MA
the entrance to an old castle with stone walls
Manx Scenes Photography - Isle of Man Photography
an old stone building with a door and some steps leading up to the entrance way
Castle Rising, Norfolk
Castle Rising, Norfolk Castle Rising Castle is situated in the village of Norfolk, UK. It was built in about 1138 by William d Albini, 1st Earl of Arundel. The castle is in remarkably good condition despite being over 850 years old.
an old building with stone steps leading up to a window in the ceiling and two windows on each side
So big and drafty looking, but I'd still like to live in one for awhile!(RM)
an intricate wooden ceiling with decorative decorations on it
the ceiling is decorated with many decorative objects
an instagram page on pinterest showing the inside of a barn with wooden floors and walls
Little Moreton Hall - More wonky wood
Little Moreton Hall - More wonky wood | by Paul's Pixels
the light shines brightly in this dark tunnel with ropes hanging from it's sides
Dungeon ascent
Stairs leading down to the Dungeon at Chirk Castle, Chirk, Wrexham, Wales, UK. The castle was built in 1295 by Roger Mortimer de Chirk to guard the entrance to the Ceiriog Valley. Photo: