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an image of a bedroom with bunk beds on the bottom floor and ladder to the top
Súper ideas deco para habitaciones infantiles pequeñas
Si te falta espacio en la habitación de los peques, no desesperes: aprovecha lo que tienes con estas ideas deco para habitaciones infantiles pequeñas.
the bunk bed is made up to be used as a child's room or bedroom
Quarto com beliche unissex
a coffee table made out of playing cards
Ты даже представить себе не можешь, ЧТО можно сделать из простых поддонов!
изделие из поддонов
there are many pairs of shoes on the shelves
Iron Pipe Shoe Rack
Shoe Rack.. done... nice work, could also be done with Kee Klamp
three pictures of hanging glass vases with plants in them
Terrarium Vases - Jumping Daisies
Hanging terrarium ideas for air plants and succulents. A simple yet elegant home decor item to spruce up your living spaces.
an image of a panda bear in the process of doing something with it's eyes
Residential Development - 2013
Project: Residential development; Phase: Construction; Client: Withheld; Location: Withheld; Lead: Juergen Grossmann; Design: Mila Petrova; Visuals: Nikolay Kolev
a large kitchen with marble counter tops and stainless steel appliances, along with two pendant lights hanging from the ceiling
South Shore Decoration
South Shore Decorating Blog: What Inspires Me
a bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower
Cuartos de baño pequeños con estilo. Diseño baño pequeños.
Mampara en baño pequeño
a bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink
All white except one wall in the shower
a living room with blue walls and furniture in the color scheme, sherpn williams
Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray (daylight) This color is absolutely beautiful in my living room and dining room.