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a small dog standing in front of a white background with the words, i pooped in the house again
This is how my little Squeekie looked like. I miss her so much!
a small chihuahua dog is looking at the camera with an expression on it's face
Prozak dog via Chihuahua Ha Ha on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/ChihuahuaHaHa
two small dogs laying on top of a bed with the caption'noos cuentas un cuento antes de dormir? '
Chihuahuas at bedtime.
four ceramic figurines in different shapes and sizes, all sitting on top of each other
Adorable chi figurines
Listen to this adorable howler! Sweet baby only wants to be held!
a painting of a small chihuahua dog with big eyes
Metal Poster Displate "Chihuahua Dog Painting"