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an old black and white photo of people walking down a dirt road
Manzanar, Calif.--Street scene looking east toward the Inyo Mountains at this War Relocation Authority center. The children are coming to
an old map with people and animals on it
Camp Tanforan
Harbor Illustration, Clinic Building, 1940s Clothing, Fashion Eras, Camp Photos, Canadian History, National Archives
[Photo] Field clinic building, Jerome War Relocation Center, Arkansas, United States, 17 Nov 1942
an old black and white photo of a large field with many buildings in the background
World War II: Internment of Japanese Americans
an old black and white photo of a man standing in front of a sign
[Photo] Japanese-American Chaplain Hiro Higuchi of 2nd Battalion, US 442nd Regimental Combat Team reading names of 72 fallen soldiers, Cecina area, Italy, 30 Jul 1944
an old stone building sitting in the middle of a dry grass field with storm clouds overhead
Ghost town: The Minidoka Japanese internment camp in Idaho
a black and white photo of some buildings in the desert with mountains in the background
Today in World War II History—November 10, 1940 & 1945
an old black and white photo of a dirt road in the middle of town with buildings on both sides
Minidoka Internment National Monument (national monument, Idaho, United States)
an old black and white photo of mountains in the distance with telephone poles on each side
Manzanar Relocation Center from tower / photograph by Ansel Adams.
a group of people standing on top of a dirt field next to a white fence
Reception committee waiting to greet new arrivals, Heart Mountain Relocation Center, Wyoming, 1943